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Piging System

Triple Seal

• Initial Seal:

  The gasket forms an initial seal as it is stretched over the pipe ends, similar as O-ring sealing principle.

• Secondary Seal:

   The gasket is then slightly compressed as the housings are tightened to secure the gasket lips in a firm seat on the pipe, between the grooves and the pipe ends, which forms a secondary seal.

• Final Seal:

  Line pressure serves to strengthen the seal through the combination of normal gasket resilience, housing reinforcement and the action of pressure downward to the lips, which forms a final seal.

  Dry Fire-fighting system is applicable for the frozen/ice-cold occasion. Preauction fire-fighting system is suitable for sensitive water area and easy frozen occasion. While there is the compressed air inside of the pipe under the frozen circumstance, the remaining water may be frozen and then destroy the joint, or the ice grain any block the sprinkler head. At the same time, condensing water would be presented while the dew point temperature is higher than ambient environment. The internal surface of pipeline will be corroded by condensing water if it still leaves in the pipe for long time. So G04 gasket is recommended to be used for Dry system and preauction system which to prevent the water remaining problem in the cavity of gasket.

   For the large pipe connection in Dry hydrant system and sprinkler system. UGS is highly recommended to be used. G08 gasket is able to prevent the cavity of gasket from water.